About Us

Totoform A.S. was build by Totomak A.S. in 1999. Totomak is a metal machining company with %99 export business specialized in the precision machining of various metals including cast iron, forged steel, steel bar/tube as well as fixture design and production. Totomak operates in two plants; one (center) is in Turkey, and the other is in Mexico.


And Totoform is the sister company of Totomak. Totoform imports VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors) packaging materials and sells in domestic market. We are Turkish representative of  MetPro Group and selling MetPro's VCI packaging materials in domestic market. Also we produce VCI PE films and bags by MetPro's masterbatches in Turkey. Now we have more than 300 customers in machining sector in domestic market, and selling them MetPro's quality materials.