Coated and Laminated Paper for Every Application

MetPro Group offers a wide variety of packaging products including our extensive range of coated and laminated papers. MetPro Group is dedicated to meeting industry standards and our products and packaging solutions are developed in collaboration with customers to ensure adherence to both customer and industry expectations. Our approach to customer satisfaction is achieved by clearly understanding your needs, so that we can offer the most suitable and cost-effective solutions.



Industrial and Special Papers from MetPro. Discover a new dimension of paper. Contact us today with your questions or talk to one of our technical specialists.

MetPro Kraft Union Paper©


MetPro Kraft Union Paper

Linear Paper Reinforced with Bitumen

  • Reinforced with Bitumen
  • Optimal application as a waterproof liner for pallets and cases
  • Available in rolls or sheets
  • Available in 120 to 210 gsm


MetPro Self Seal Kraft Paper©


MetPro Self Seal Kraft Paper

Self-seal Kraft Paper

  • Only sticks to itself and leaves no residue when removed
  • The cohesive properties envelope the product for packing
  • Printed in one or two colors
  • Available in 70 to 100 gsm


MetPro Corrugated VCI Board©


MetPro Corrugated VCI Board

VCI coated corrugated board

  • Can be cut to form a variety of different shapes
  • Ideal for packaging steel, tinplate, aluminum nickel and cast iron
  • Deliverable in rolls or sheets
  • Available single or double faced
  • Available without VCI coating upon request

MetPro Corrugated Locktip Board SK©


MetPro Corrugated Locktip Board SK

Self-adhesive corrugated board

  • Corrugated high-tensile kraft board, 255 gsm (standard)
  • Adheres to itself
  • Stable corrugation for optimum product protection
  • Ideal for transport packages and mail order
  • Deliverable in rolls or sheets

MetPro Fabric Reinforced Paper©


MetPro Fabric Reinforced Paper

A woven polypropylene reinforced paper laminate

  • Heavy-duty export liner, especially suited for packing steel coils or lining export packaging cases
  • Variety of grammages and thicknesses available
  • Waterproof with VCI treatment on request
  • Deliverable in rolls
  • Available in 150 to 190 gsm

MetPro Waxed Paper©


MetPro Waxed Paper

Waxed Engineering Paper

  • Grease and oil resistant properties
  • Available with VCI and one-side wax to form an additional moisture barrier
  • Available in rolls or sheets
  • Available in 50 to 150 gsm

MetPro Kraft Paper Extra©


MetPro Kraft Paper Extra

Reinforced waterproof paper laminate

  • Extra strength for export packing cases
  • Reinforcement in one or two directions
  • Waterproof and extremely tear resistant
  • Available in 145 to 230 gsm

MetPro Flexikrepp©


MetPro Flexikrepp

Glass fibers reinforced crepe paper laminate

  • Laminated crepe paper with 2-way glass fibres
  • Ideal for wrapping steel parts
  • Strong and mouldable
  • Fits perfectly to the shape of the packaged goods

MetPro Waxcrepe©


MetPro Waxcrepe

Waxed, creped Kraft paper

  • Waterproof, with a high strength factor
  • Used in combination with spiral winding machines
  • For steel and wire coils


MetPro Durable©


MetPro Durable

Especially designed to wrap sheet steel or sheet metal products

  • Reinforcement in one or two directions
  • Variable colors with or without VCI treatment
  • Printed in one or two colours
  • Available in 115 to 155 gsm

MetPro Jute©


MetPro Jute

Bitumen-laminated liner paper with hessian

  • Heavy duty export packaging for railway transport and box lining or for granulates
  • Available in rolls or sheets
  • Available without paper laminate
  • Jute with liner paper, 375 gsm

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MetPro packages

Goods in transit and storage need protection, MetPro’s products offer convenience and cost-savings.

MetPro industrial and special papers provide safe protection against transport damage and rust.